Studio Rogier Martens is founded in 2006 in Utrecht. The studio specialises in product and outdoor design. Since 2013 they are focusing on exhibition design. Studio Rogier Martens is innovative in the fresh approach of distinct design with the introduction of new technologies. They search for the smartest way to make complex questions understandable.

The studio prefers objects and surroundings with an unmistakable identity. Many products are successfully sold on national and international level. In the designs they actively search for interaction with the user. To define the needs of the end user they always support the designs by research. This open approach leads to special designs with great potential to use them.

Clients (selection)

Exhibitions (selection)
2016   National Glasmuseum, Leerdam (NL)
2014   Presentation new work, Chamber NY Inc, New York (USA)
2014   National Glasmuseum, Leerdam (NL)
2013   ‘Keeping it Glassy’, SHMOG, Shanghai (CN)
2012   ‘Dutch Design - Huis van Oranje’, Oranienbaum (D)
2012   Presentation new work, OBJECT Rotterdam (NL)
2011    ‘Design in Public Space’, Zamek Cieszyn (PL)
2010   ‘EEN MOOI DING’, Museum Hilversum (NL)
2009   ‘Boer zoekt stijl’ Designhuis, Eindhoven (NL)
2009   Presentation new work Rossana Orlandi, Milan (IT)

Lectures (selection)
2017   Lecture, BNO Zwolle (NL)
2015   Lecture, Design by Fire Utrecht (NL), nov. 23th
2015   Lecture, Pollença Mallorca (ES), august 20th
2012   Lecture, BNO Utrecht (NL)
2012   Lecture, Pecha Kucha Amsterdam (NL)
2011   Lecture, AANDEBOOM What’s Up De Zwijger (NL)
2011   Lecture, Piss Off conference Copenhagen (DK)
2010   Workshop / Lecture GAST GASTGEBER project Essen (D)