Project title: Fish-Box-Cart NY
Design: Rogier Martens & Sam van Veluw
curated by: Studio JOB
Client: Chamber NY
Size: 76 x 36 x 32/54 CM

As young boys we used to build soapbox carts, creating the ultimate opportunity to be able to ‘drive our own car’. In those days the cart existed of no more than an old baby stroller frame with a couple of planks on it. And however it was always much fun building it and never worked as well as we’d hoped. For us, the soapbox cart represents our memories of a happy childhood: making all kinds of things from scratch with your own hands, the good old days, and most of all: time for play!

Now we are finally going to build the soapbox cart we have always wanted and make it available for everyone who doesn’t have the time or skills to make one of his/her own.

Because of its industrial character and powerful form properties, a standard fish crate is used for
the base of our Fish Box Cart. Its rawness and its own history also add a feeling of nostalgia and
tickle our imagination: We can find these crates washed up on the beach. and for all we know it has travelled miles on open sea, surviving sea storms and what more… By using these crates, all in different colours and from various ‘brands’, every Fish Box Cart is unique and literally carries its
own story, thus encouraging the driver to get carried away with his or her own memories.

For Chamber we will produce a limited edition of 50 unique Fish Box Carts.

AANDEBOOM / Rogier Martens & Sam van Veluw