The FLOATERS consist out of a group of benches placed at a public schoolyard.

After an extensive investigation into the use of public space at the school, Martens noticed that the children where copying each other. As an example: everyone in the school wore the same colour jacket. Nobody wanted to stand out of the group, they want to blend and fit in.

Martens wanted to create an object that shows how the choices you make have consequences and may influence other people in a positive way. He created a piece of furniture that interacts with the users and has the possibility of learning something at the same time.

The group of benches are all connected with hydraulics. When you take place at one bench you slowly will lower down to the ground. At another location in the schoolyard the opposite is happening. The benches are connected together and every user will be aware of his or her location and gives the opportunity to communicate.

Product title: FLOATERS
Design: Rogier Martens
Commissioned by: STROOM The Hague (NL)
Material: Steel, Oak, hydraulics