The Glass Experiments at the Oude Horn

Leerdam is besides ‘the Glass City of the Netherlands’ also a major producer of fruit. The idea of the ‘Fruit Bowls’ arose during one of the many trips made through the blooming orchards between Utrecht and Leerdam. Mold-blowing has two major disadvantages, each product is identical what takes away the exclusivity and it is a costly affair. I developed many interesting shapes by experimenting with glass and using fruit as a stamp or mold. After several experiments with different types of fruit, it proved to work best with the ‘normal’ Jonagold apple. This apple grown less than 100 meters from the glass furnace.

Project title: The Glass Experiments at the Oude Horn
Design: Rogier Martens, in cooperation with: Bernard Heesen & Josja Caecilia Schepman
Client / brand: -
Size: Various
Material: Hand blown glass


The Glass Experiments at the Oude Horn are part of the collection of the SHMOG / Shanghai Museum of Glass (CN)

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