About the ‘Treebench’

I actively used the environment and worked with the elements that the park had to offer: trees, city walls, paths, and grass. It is no challenge to just dig a hole and a install a bench. An ideal ( park ) bench needs the environment and visa versa the environment needs the bench too. To achieve that goal a bench contributes to the park as a walk, sit, rest, kiss, lie, meet, watch, dog walking, day-dream, stretch, run, think, decide, smoke and lunch spot.

During visits to the park I was inspired by the plants overgrowth and mushrooms. In the design I used the characteristics of mushroom. mushroom is suddenly there and when the weather and temperature conditions change, they disappear. Using the Tree Bench I want surprise the park visitors in the same way. The Tree Benches can easily be attached to the trees using a suspension system. The Treebench will not hinder the tree itself. The Tree Bench don’t need explanation, The park visitors will understand immediately that the Treebench is made to sit on. The Treebench is designed for temporary use up to 6 months because of growth off the tree.

Product title: Treebench
Design: Rogier Martens
Client / brand: The Municipality of Amersfoort / AANDEBOOM
Size: 160 x 45 x 45 CM
Material:  Steel and powdercoat, straps and lashings